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a.d. mature.singles
Group Start Date: October 1997
Group Founders: Angel, Rosja, Rosie
Homepage / FAQ: n/a
History / Info:
A very inter-active, "family style" group ... sharing what life is like when your're older and wiser.

Most have "been there done that" and aren't really looking for a mate (per se) just great conversation and good friends to laugh with the good as well as cry with the bad...& support when needed. Also a "clean" group.


This group was founded Oct.1997 by Angel, Rosja and Rosie for all those older, more mature men and women who find themselves alone and just want someone to share experiences, and pain and joy and love with..someone to talk to and have fun with...in a clean, respectable and respecting place we call home...Come for a visit...you may want to stay...:-)


This group was part of another singles group, but the 2 separated, with the younger ones going to their own group

The older group has gone thru some transistions and finally ended up being the mature.singles.

The members of this group have become a family. We share good times, bad times, sorrow...whatever comes up we share together and are there for support for each other. Most are people who have been single for awhile, although we have had a few get together in real life and form relationships.

This is not the purpose of the group, but occasionally it happens. The main purpose of the group is a place to come to talk to other family members and get away from the daily grind of real life. There is always a shoulder to cry on or someone to give you a hug. Anyone can drop by and pull up a chair and be at home.

-information provided by Angel, Rosja, and Sunshine100 (Sunny)

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